As much as I want to wax Walt Whitman, there is things I’ve did that need to be writ down. And not all fancy like.

Grant and I converted our turkey tractor into a greenhouse. We bought 6mil plastic sheeting and secured it to a frame made of cattle panels and pressure treated lumber. It’s beautiful. Today the outside temps were in the mid 60s, which meant we had to open the door and cool down the greenhouse. IN THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY, FOLKS!

I planted snow peas in the garden. And tomorrow I’ll probably plant the snap peas. If they perish, they perish. I am guessing that temps won’t get below freezing again in February. And that means I’m going to garden as if spring is here.

I’ve been filling up seedling trays to fill up the greenhouse. Leeks, onions, broccoli, greens, romanesco, green cauliflower…all good things. In a few weeks I’ll be able to plant those seedlings in our garden and fill up the seedling trays with the next batch of seeds. My dad ordered some craaaaazy seeds for me to try out. It’s going to be such a great year!!

I checked on our seed potatoes in the barn fridge (which died this week) and the seed potatoes look perfect. No shrively spuds. I packed them in sawdust in a paper sack. I’ll plant them next month.

I helped my friend, Annette, build a planter out of pallets. It looks dang good!! It only took us an hour!

I painted garden signs on weathered wood that was given to us by our neighbor. Now, if I give–

–hold up… Where’s the cent sign on the keyboard??? Back in my day, we had a cent sign that looked like a lowercase “c” with a vertical line through it. (Inflation, amiright?)

–now, if I give the 25 cent tour, people will know what each of the gardens are and what we’re growing in them.

Can I also just add that I’m reading The Secret Garden right now? It’s a soul-filling book. It was the perfect read after Jane Eyre. Both books have similar elements. Personal growth, strong heroines, orphaned protag, English countryside, the moors, large estates, mysterious wailing, and secrets. Both beautifully written, and both books worth rereading.

One more thing. Grant cleaned out the rabbit hutches today. Thank you, Grant.