Last Friday, Isaac and I harvested our five bunnies that were born this summer. We would have had more, but there were a series of unfortunate events that wiped out our bunnies. (Heat wave + omnivorous chickens = dead bun buns.)

Processing the rabbits wasn’t too hard. Isaac put each live bunny into a bucket and gave it a clean head shot with a pellet rifle. We took the bunnies to a metal table next to the garden hose and began skinning and gutting the rabbits.

We plan to sell most of the future rabbits, and then carefully and gratefully stock our freezer and canned goods pantry with as much meat as fits our plan of eating meat sparingly. We also plan to share with neighbors (they have expressed an interest in rabbit meat.)

Our first meal with rabbit was simply pressure cooked rabbit with no seasonings (so that we could taste it with no herbs or spices).