Our bunnies weren’t fat enough to harvest last week. They need to be 5 pounds in order to process them. That ensures that you’ll have enough meat to make it worth the effort.

Hopefully by early November they’ll make weight. It’ll be interesting to go through the meat processing, uh, process. We have a high powered air pellet rifle (so stand down, bad guys!) which has enough power to take out a rabbit with one shot. We have a commercial stainless steel sink (with a drain board) in the mud room where I’ll be processing the dead rabbits. We have a good knife. We have three boys who can help with the process. We have chickens who can clean up the rabbit offal and magically turn those guts into a clutch of lovely speckled brown eggs. Cirrrrrcle of liiiife.

Now I just need to steel myself for the day when we actually have to process our bunnies.