I, Heather, solemnly and shamefully admit that February is a way too early for planting seeds indoors in Western Oregon. I will, from henceforth, wait until the blessed month of March–the first day, if not the 15th day–to plant my first seeds of the year. (I don’t have any witnesses, so I hope I remember this solemn vow next February.)

Y’all, it was just too stressful to keep seedlings going during February this year. I know I’m a zealous gardener and a natural-borne nurturer, but it just was too much work to try to stay one step ahead of the cleverest female of all time–Mother Nature. We had days in the mid 60s where I had to open the greenhouse and let the plants cool down. Then we had a string of nights in the 20s where even the frost-hardiest of starts were shriveled by the intense cold.

Plus, we’re up north. The sun is weak, and the plants were growing so painfully slowly.

That’s ok. I’ll start over in March, I won’t worry about being behind, and I’ll continue to love and nurture every little seedling that I grow.

So, if I’m not tending seedlings in February, then what am I supposed to do with my time? Here are three ideas:

1. Reread Jane Eyre. In the greenhouse.

2. Create a detailed, illustrated garden plan. Paint little watercolor vegetables, like cabbages, carrots and kale.

3. Plant seedlings, but don’t tell anyone that you did. It’s ok. You can read Jane Eyre to them in the greenhouse.