I regret planting 4 ground cherry plants.

I should have planted 40.

They are like no other fruit that I’ve ever tasted. Many people compare their flavor to strawberries, pineapples or even a super-super sweet tomato. But they’re all wrong. It’s its own unique flavor.

The texture of the skin and flesh are similar to a tiny cherry tomato. However the flavor is nearly indescribable.

It’s not overly sweet, but it’s filled with intense flavor which is best described as a “burst”. It’s not sour either. It has almost an umami undertone.

Each little fruit is wrapped in a soft papery covering. The protected fruit drops from the plant when it’s ripe and remains on the ground until someone discovers it.

My biggest gardening regret of 2021 is that I only have 4 little plants (and one of them is very stressed). Next year we’ll grow more along the fenceline. They don’t do well being grown from seed, but they do self-seed really well. Or I might try to grow from the seeds I ordered from Baker Creek.

I ate 4 ground cherries this morning without sharing with anyone (or telling anyone). #gardenguilt

Welcome to the world, little ground cherries!