That was a collection of snapshots from the garden today. I forgot to add the pic of my apocalyptic basil garden. Golly, there are probably 50 basil plants (Genovese, mostly) that are going to get me through 6-12 months in a survival bunker with an all you can eat pesto stash. I refuse to fight off zombies if the apocalypse managers feed me a diet of expired Spaghettios and Tang drink mix. I will not comply.

And…I weeded today. I must be getting super old and super boring because weeding is fun! I was always a boring gal, but admitting that I like weeding is truly tragic, just like a Shakespeare play. It’s a tragedy where everyone important dies, but the female heroine is alone in her garden pulling weeds, with a peaceful smile, and singing a song about english roses and fragrant lilacs, then the British army comes in and drags her off the stage. Scene.