Goodbye, August. Hello, September!

Even thought we haven’t even hit peak tomato harvest time, I can already see the summer garden winding down. It reminds me of Charlotte telling Wilbur that she is languishing. She still has work to do, but she can feel the end is coming soon.

Of course, gardens have no end–only seasons. The cooler weather is already coming, which allows us to welcome in a whole new set of crops like lettuces, brassicas, a second flush of strawberries (I kept a 3×6 patch) and maybe a big ol’ chunky cauliflower. Cooler weather allows us to say au revoir to the summer crops, which is hard, but important. It will make that first July tomato of 2022 even sweeter.

I was gone while the big planting of carrots were germinating. We got three black carrots.
Yellow + green beans. The yellow are weak tasting. The green Blue Lake Bush 274 are great, but the Contender is flat and ugly…
Favorite dinner of all time! Whatever I picked + garlic + olive oil + kosher salt. Today it’s Juliet tomatoes, summer savory, rosemary, basil, baby eggplant, walking onions. And love.
I know the secret to growing great basil, but I’ll never tell.
A slice of Black Nebula carrot. Tastes like crunchy dirt.