My kitchen is my food lab. Three of my recent experiments are in this photo.

Yogurt: this is a whole milk yogurt, filled with good, grocery store variety bacteria, and cultured in the Instant Pot. We put it on curry, pancakes, or in smoothies.

Popped Wild Rice: Popped like corn, but 10x crunchier. Best with lots of butter and salt. We served it on our chickpea curry last night. It was, as the cool girls on TV say, “Uh-MAY-zing.

And the last item in the photo is the one I’ll be holding my breath for–Mennonite sorghum. I feel like the secret to being self sufficient is growing storable calories. A.K.A. graaaaaains! We had great success with corn last year (as a fresh vegetable), so this year we’re expanding to include Mennonite sorghum, Bloody Butcher dent corn, and purple hominy. And yes, we will nixtamalize our corn and hominy (if you’re wondering). There is no proven link to autism or Alzheimer’s connected with nixtamalization, and we feel confident and safe with the process, so we’re moving forward–no matter what judgement we receive from others. Part of being a homesteader is being confident in your decisions, no matter what the fallout is.