Update: Juniper’s kids are boys, not girls. We have four baby boy goats.

Juniper’s baby goats (both girls) were born Sunday evening. We were at a church meeting, and when we got home, they had just been born. Like Hazel’s kids, they have spent most of the first couple days sleeping. They have also seemed like they were shivering, but it seems to be subsiding today. They haven’t had problems nursing, though. And they went out into the back pasture with their mom today.

Hazel’s kids are bonkers now, running and jumping all over the place. After about a week of us helping them with nursing, they gradually figured it out and don’t need our help anymore.

My chainsaw stopped running, and I had to replace the engine. From what I’ve learned, the scoring on the exhaust side of the piston meant that I wasn’t giving it a chance to warm up, so the exhaust side was getting hot quicker than the intake side.

Hazel gave birth to two baby boy goats yesterday morning. No human intervention was needed. I heard goat sounds out my office window, but higher pitched, and went out to find two kids.

They’ve had a hard time getting the hang of nursing. We think it’s because Hazel’s teats are very big. We have had to help them latch on, and then they can suck and get milk. I hope they’re getting enough. They slept a lot yesterday. They looked a little better today, but I don’t think we’re in the clear yet.