Pear sauce on oatmeal

It ain’t pretty, but it’s breakfast.

This morning while canning chunky pear sauce and talking to Josh about our kitchen cabinets, I discovered this ugly but delicious combination: oatmeal and pear sauce (with a splash of whole milk).

This pear sauce takes the place of any and all sweeteners for oatmeal. Buh-bye brown sugar. In fact, pear sauce is not only crazy levels of sweet, but it’s also gratefully loaded with fiber, which helps slow down the digestion–which is a great thing when sugar is involved. Sugar + fiber=nature’s way of keeping you healthy. Thanks, Mme. Nature!

I obsessively adore this chunky pear sauce! It immortalizes the fleeting flavor of fresh picked pears and entombs it in a glistening glass sarcophagus. It has a bold grittiness, toothsome appeal, and assertive texture that is missing from sleepy old Mott’s applesauce. I’m not even sure that pear sauce is commercially available, which makes it a billion percent more desirable.

“Rah-rah for pear sauce!” said the homemaker, as she bottled and preserved 16 pints of the golden, lumpy, half-pureed nectar . The sun hung golden in the sky, like a ripe pear.

We risked our lives for these pears

This morning Grant and I climbed a ladder to pick these Bartlett pears. The pears were at the top of the tree so we extended the folding ladder as far as it would go. (The tree is too small to lean an opened ladder up against it.)

Next time we harvest from that tree will be in a few weeks when its co-fruit becomes ripe. We’ll have a large harvest of tiny Asian pears. We’ll probably dehydrate them.

Besides the dropped fruit that we salvaged over the past few weeks, this is our first and last real Bartlett pear harvest from this tree this season. It’s probably about 25 pounds.